Each year, for two decades, the Pantone Color Institute chooses the color of the year. A decision that involves studies of trends and influences of the environment worldwide. It analyzes the entertainment industry, cinema, new technologies, popular destinations, nature, new artists, fashion, music and all branches of design. The color of the year, has a strong influence in furniture trends, artistic pieces, products and their packaging, interior design and fashion.

In 2019, the color of the year is LIVING CORAL, a vibrant, sociable and energetic tone, which evokes tranquility, according to the institute's experts. The color of the year is considered a symbolism of our optimistic nature and our playful expression.

If you are considering to use LIVING CORAL in your home or office to paint, we recommend using it in a corridor, or in one or few walls, to accentuate an environment. It is an imposing color, which can be used in large and small spaces, but must be mixed with style, and not excessively. LIVING CORAL in combination with wood and concrete effects stands out in an exceptional way. The tone, though, is not recommended for children's rooms, it has been proven that exposure to this type of tonality in the environment may be over stimulating. On the other hand, to decorate your home, LIVING CORAL may perfectly be used for accesorizing with fabrics and decorative objects… And a few fashion pieces in LIVING CORAL in your closet would undoubtedly make you look stunning!

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