It was in 1973, in Denver, Colorado, that Gail and Dave Liniger, two creative visionaries changed the course of Real Estate forever. Creating the RE / MAX business model, they revolutionized the industry by combining the concept of maximum commissions with world-class assistance services. The name RE / MAX comes precisely from a contraction of "Real Estate" and "Máximo", which clearly reflects the objective of all the people who are part of the company: to provide the best service in exchange for obtaining the maximum reward. Before long, they verified that with this system, they would attract and retain the best Real Estate sellers on the market, offering them a professional enriching environment in which they could work with full satisfaction.

The system has a particularly revealing aspect: the income of each professional is a faithful reflection of the results achieved with their work. With only two years in the business, the system proved to be successful by opening the first RE / MAX franchise outside of Colorado, and in 1979 it became international with the presence of RE / MAX in Canada. A decade later, it had a successful presence in Europe, a continent in which the franchise grew at an unprecedented rate. To date, the RE / MAX network has more than 110,000 agents and more than 7,000 offices in more than 100 countries around the world.

Why Remax?

RE / MAX Support
Belonging to the worldwide network RE / MAX gives each Agent many competitive advantages; a team with the largest presence in the global market.

Global Market
All properties captured by RE / MAX are automatically listed on a worldwide network, which is integrated with approximately 110,000 RE / MAX agents worldwide. This innovative tool is responsible for making RE / MAX the largest real estate sales machine in the world.

Custom Service
The RE / MAX Agent offers the best service and attention to sell or buy a property in the way that the customer wants. Using RE / MAX procedures in all phases of the business, the customer will receive personalized attention with all the support and dedication of our associates. For the RE / MAX Agent it is important to understand and attend to the needs and desires of each client.

Each RE / MAX Central Agent invests and uses all the tools at your fingertips in order to develop a marketing plan for your property with the client. The agent guarantees the confidentiality of the client's documentation, as well as its security, when displaying the properties.

Continuous training
RE / MAX Agents have a development and training program on a continuous basis, as well as training courses that are taught both nationally and internationally, thus becoming specialized advisors.

Presence abroad
To date, he has an agent who offers his services in the United States in the bay area of California, which has 20 years of experience in the industry, specializing in the care of Salvadoreans residing abroad.

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