9 Recommendations for Selling Your Home

  • Consejos REMAXMake the most out of that first impression: Well-cut grass, trimmed bushes, and a neat home entrance can do a lot to attract possible buyers. A recently painted door, or at least a clean one, will give off a better impression, too.


  • Invest a few hours in future dividends: Prepare your property for a quick sale: clean up the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen. If your floors or wooden furniture are scratched or in need of a paint job, consider redecorating a bit. New wall paper can add charm and value. Remember that clients would rather see for themselves how beautiful your house looks, than listen to how much better it could look if it only underwent a few “minor improvements”.


  • Check the plumbing and light bulbs: Leaks can be infuriating; they can discolor sinks and give the impression that your plumbing system is faulty or deteriorated. Burned out light bulbs may leave your client in the dark. Don’t let these problems be the focus and steal attention away from your house’s good attributes.


  • Don’t close the door on a possible sale: If your dresser or chest drawers get stuck, you can be sure that the sale of your house will also. Don’t try to give pointless explanations when all you have to do is repair a piece of furniture. A little bit of effort on your part can go a long way towards closing a sale.


  •  Think of security: Home owners learn to live with all kinds of obstacles within their walls: roller blades on the stairwell, extension cords hanging like garlands, slippery area rugs and lamps that hang too low. Make your house a danger-free zone for visitors.


  •  Make space: Remember that possible buyers are looking for more than just comfortable living space – they also need storage space, so be sure your storage areas are clean and free of unnecessary objects.


  •  Think of your closets: The better organized your closet is, the bigger it will seem. Now is the time to pack up and donate all those old pieces of clothing you don’t have need of anymore.


  •  Make your bathrooms shine: Bathrooms sell homes, so bring out the charm in yours. Finish up any needed tub and shower repairs and fix damaged or unsightly lighting. To make your bathrooms more attractive, exhibit your nicest towels, rugs, and curtains.consejos remax


  •  Create dream-worthy rooms: Open your client’s eyes to the comfort of your bedroom. To make it look more spacious, eliminate excess furniture. Colorful bedding and new curtains are a must.


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