3 Things to Consider in Choosing Your Ideal Home

The sheer excitement of beginning a new life as a couple can be misguiding when choosing a property to buy before starting a new family.

RE/MAXreal estate agents agree that newlyweds are all susceptible to making common mistakes while looking for their first home. We would recommend that before deciding on buying a particular house or apartment, couples first analyze their future needs – at least in sight of the next five to eight years – in order to avoid living too far away from schools, grocery stores, and hospitals, for example, when living close by would be more convenient.

Thus, the strategy to follow in finding your dream home, minimizing the chances of making a mistake, consists of a few key points:

1.       Maturity:Notwithstanding the age at which they got married, a couple should never buy a property before feeling ready to assume a long-term commitment with each other.

2.       Future Plans:If you look back on your life 5, 8, or even 10 years ago, you will notice that circumstances change with the passage of time. You should ask yourself what your needs will be and what your family will look like in the span of a few years.

3.       Budget: It is said that “good fences make good neighbors”; the same concept can be applied to a marriage. It is important for a couple to be realistic regarding their budget, even being aware that in some cases, it is smarter to rent a modest property while generating savings and waiting a while for earnings to grow.

Finally, always remember to contact the best real estate professionals at RE/MAX. They will always steer you towards the best possible options for your ideal home – and at a fair price.

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